My interest lies in the interior world, how we process thought, the decisions we make. Knowing that we take in all we see, hear, and feel, initially with no censorship, and out of this we develop a story which may or may not make sense, based often on little or no preceding information or from beliefs or feelings we already have, provides the starting point of my inquiry.

For twenty years I worked in the special effects industry and for the last twelve of those years I painted creatures for the movies using the computer. By zooming in for greater detail, I found at some point the pixel paint became completely abstract but within the abstraction, recognizable images emerged.

Scribbling and continually turning the canvas, encourages the same unconscious behavior, and out of this, the images appear. When this happens, the seeming disparate elements that form are already speaking clearly to an issue before I have become cognizant of it. This is the moment that fascinates me, the discovery that my unconscious state has already organized the information in a particular way that makes sense.

A completed painting confronts and explores issues that I am concerned with. The characters are not so much referential to humans as to a working thought process that allows me to explore questions concerning family relationships, and our relationship to the culture and world within which we live. The issues focus on the state of things, how we communicate, live, and love. My paintings are the visceral connection I have with the questions and exploration of what it means to be human.

The viewer, when confronted with my work, brings their own unique experiences and history which informs the way in which they perceive and understand my painting. I am not interested in them having my experience but rather that together we inform each other in another way of seeing. I hope that my painting brings questions, dialog, elicits an emotional response that makes one think.

Susan Ross

portrait photo of me with glasses